Why The Spirit School?

Spirit School

The Spirit School has been designed to share the secrets of how to understand God’s mysteries and the spirit realms, as outlined through the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you want to understand spiritual principles, how the spirit realm works or are a seer who wants to go deeper in the things of the spirit, then this is for you.


Perception of the spirit realm is usually understood through years of experience, meditation on the scriptures and weighed revelation with other wise followers of Jesus Christ. Some of us may not know where to begin to pursue God for revelation, or understanding the revelation we have received. The school of mysteries has been designed to provide tools and examples of how to go deeper in the things of God:

To share ways of working in the gifts of God (seer, revelation, visions, trances and spiritual experiences)


To help in understanding the spirit realm


To provide a tool to the church, so that it may understand more of the spirit realm and support those among its members who perceive the spirit realm

My journey in the mysteries of God began the moment I met Jesus, in the year 2000. I was taken into the throne room of God, in what I can only describe as an out of body experience. That is, I was taken in spirit to the throne room of God and my Earthly surroundings were nowhere to be seen. While in the throne room I saw something akin to the vision described by John in the book of Revelation (4:4). Since my first encounter with Jesus Christ, I have journeyed with him in the realms of prophecy, seeing in the spirit and discernment of spirits.


On my journey with Jesus, I have experienced revelation through spiritual experiences, visions, trances, direct encounters with Jesus and many other ways. Understanding how to press into revelation and get clarity and even converse with God in a vision are things which are commonly untaught methods in the church. I want to share what I have learned and encourage you in your gifting so that you may go deeper into God and strengthen your revelatory relationship with him.


I have seen evidence that cooperating with God in the spirit realm changes situations in the physical realm, for our good and for God’s glory. This is one aspect of co-labouring with Christ, in spirit, which serves to advance the Kingdom of God, both within our hearts and in the world around us.


I have faith that the Holy Spirit is awakening his church to an acceptance of the spirit realm, along with seers and those who are able to interact with spirit. I hope this book will provide keys and principles that enable a deeper relationship with our wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May we cultivate an ever growing thirst for the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and so be empowered to work with Jesus Christ in all realms.