What Jesus Says About Mysteries

Spirit School

In the gospels Jesus extends an invitation to us:

Understand the mysteries of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven


Matthew 13:11, Luke 8:10, Mark 4:11

The Holy Bible

Jesus desires us to understand his mysteries; the mysteries of the heavenly and spiritual realms. His Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36), the nature of his Kingdom is heavenly and originates from the spirit of God.


Our daily experience is of the natural world, our emotions and decisions, subject to our culture, morals and ethics. Just as the world has various realms: government, parliament, medicine, science, mathematics, sports, finance etc, so the spirit has realms.


The Kingdom of Heaven is multifaceted; with realms of governance, wisdom, knowledge, purity, truth, record keeping, training and meditation, healing, redemption among many others. Even in places within the spiritual realms such as sanctuaries, rooms, chambers, palaces, arboretums, forests, lakes and waterfalls.


These heavenly realities exist in parallel and overlap our physical existence. The things we see around us in the physical part of the universe are shadows of a heavenly reality. Just as the physical and spiritual realms co-exist, so we co-exist with our spiritual reality. For us to understand and begin to grasp of the spiritual realms, we need to understand how our access to the invisible realms has been given.


Jesus has given us a way into the spiritual realms, a way that is in alignment with the heart, nature and principles of their creator, our Father in heaven. He desires a people who will worship him, draw near to him with open hearts, in spirit and truth. True spirituality, which holds a holistic view on the physical and spiritual realms, is anchored in a holy and righteous life, entwined in our Father in heaven. Such a life is governed by relationship with our Father in heaven and in him, our life is guided by his heart, nature and character.


As we lean in closer to the heart of God, our spirit attune to his and we begin to see things from his perspective. Along the journey, our perception of the world and the unseen spirit realms, falls in line with how our Father sees things and our hearts enlighten to the truth of our dual existence on Earth and in heavenly places, just as the Apostle Paul prayed (Ephesians 1:18).


With our spirits attuned to our Father in heaven, we have the promise of revelation into his truths of the spirit realms. They can not be perceived through natural understanding, observation and reasoning alone. God reveals things that are hidden deep within him, through revelation of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:10). The realities of the spirit realm remain a mystery to us, until we learn how to listen to Holy Spirit, recognise his voice and unlock God’s mysteries through his revelation.


Knowing where to start in attaining an understanding of these mysteries can be difficult for some, yet for others it can seem like a breeze, as if revelation is a natural gift to them. Jesus makes it clear that the Kingdom of heaven was opened by him for all. No one who comes to him is excluded! So the mysteries of God are accessible to all who come to Christ and want to know God’s mysteries.