Spiritual Authority: Jesus Name

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Authority of the Lord’s Name

Ultimately our spiritual authority comes from the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus prayed that we would be protected by the Lord’s Name (John 17:11-12). There is no other name in heaven or Earth that is higher than the name of the Lord, just the mention of his name causes ripples in the spirit realm.


In John 18:6, we see the immediate effect of the glorious majesty of the name of God. When Jesus says “I am he”, the soldiers and officers who came to arrest him, immediately drew back and fell to the ground. The name of the Lord is more than a verbal speaking of his name, it is a spiritual seal that carries Holy Spirit power. It is the same power that Jesus said would come from on high to his disciples, and passed to us from God when we are born again.


When we stand by faith in the Name of the Lord, we choose to stand by all that the Name of the Lord means. It is like saying “I stand in the holiness that is the Lord’s holiness and not my own.” Or “I come in the peace of the Lord.” By choosing to stand in the name of the Lord we choose to stand in the highest authority, which we have the right as children of God to claim.

Personal Testimony 1

Often times when Jesus has taken me through portals or transported me in spirit to the lower realms, into fortresses of wickedness on a mission to tear down the strongholds in them, I have witnessed the power of Jesus Name.

On one occasion I was taken in the spirit to a place that could be mistaken for a Martian landscape. All around the ground was red and the light was dim. I looked ahead as I walked through the red dusty sand and on the horizon I saw a white temple. I knew I had to go there to deal with a principality that had been wreaking havoc in my life. As I entered in, I sensed the presence of Jesus with me so I knew I had been brought to this place by the Holy Spirit.

As I walked further into the temple, I came to an altar in the middle, and inside was something that looked like a bowl of water. The water inside looked black and had the appearance like tar. As I stared into the water, something started to form out from it, writhing upward as a snake until it stood tall above me, then it coiled around the altar and wrapped itself around my body several times, with each coil around me, it climbed up my torso until it wrapped around my neck.

As it arched over, a snake-like head formed from tar-like substance and snarled at me. I called the creature by name, Leviathan, and commanded it to be dissolved in the Name of Jesus Christ, and commanded it to stop writhing around my life. Immediately the serpent started to unravel from my body and its body dissolved onto the floor. The altar shattered and the tar spilled out onto the floor. I heard the voice of Jesus tell me to escape the building, and as I did, large stones fell from the upper structures.

Some friends of mine witnessed in a vision at the same time that I was running fast away from a white structure, which confirmed the experience in the spirit. The name of Jesus Christ had such authority, the Leviathan spirit that had housed itself in my life through a stronghold, lost its grip, and the people who were falsely accusing me in real life were finally called to account for their false witness against me.

Personal Testimony 2

Before I started following Jesus Christ, I was very familiar with the spirit realm and was deeply engrossed in practices of witchcraft and sorcery, having been discipled by some of Satan's princes, one of them called itself "the destroyer". I was used to spiritual power and witnessing the effect of the spirit realm on the natural realm. One evening, during a trance I was taken by demons to meet with Satan. He stood before me and near the end of the spiritual experience and I watched as he turned around to face a city.

The city was closed to us by golden gates, and beyond the golden gates were buildings that glistened in the sunlight. The buildings looked like they were made from both gold and glass and the sun bounced off them as it does from precious stones. The outside of the building was made from a golden wall as far as the eye could see.

Satan raised his hands to the sky and said "join me and together we will take down God and his angels."

I had been asking for more power from Satan at the time, but when he made this offer, something rose up within me and despite my dark allegiances, I cried out "I'm with Jesus Christ!"

Satan then turned around, visibly shaken and asked me if I was sure. I reaffirmed that I was with Jesus Christ and suddenly Satan dissipated into a vapour and disappeared.

Despite how deep I was under Satan's discipleship, having even sold my soul to him in blood, just the mention of the name of Jesus Christ nullified Satan's power over me and he had to flee from me. I did not even fully know who Jesus was!

Using the Name of the Lord: Examples from Angels and God

Even the angels, who are immensely powerful beings, rely on the name of the Lord. An example of this is when the Archangel Michael was in a dispute over Moses’ body (Jude 9), Michael took up the Lord’s name as his authority; he assumed no authority of his own to rebuke Satan. Michael retained respect and dignity by doing so: he knew he needed more than his own word as authority in the situation and only the Lord’s name could rebuke Satan and cause him to go away in that particular dispute.


Had Michael rebuked Satan in his own name, being as clever and cunning as he is, Satan may have responded “ah, but you are not the highest authority so why should I listen to you?” Michael may even have made himself vulnerable to further dialogue with Satan, and potentially been led into a trap and temptation to be led away from God. Instead, Michael had wisdom to recognise his best defence, which was to run into the name of the Lord (Proverbs 18:10).


Zechariah 3:1-2 shows us the supreme authority of the name of the Lord. The Lord himself rebuked Satan by The name of the Lord. Sometimes I wonder why God did not just tell Satan to go away, but referred to his own name? I mean, this is God speaking! Surely we would think anything he says, goes. Yet even God referred to his own name Name to rebuke Satan.

Sealed with Jesus Name

These examples show us that the Name of the Lord is the ultimate spiritual authority. We have his Name in us: Jesus told his disciples that he was not going to leave them as orphans, instead he sent the Holy Spirit to them (Luke 24:49). The foundation of our spiritual authority comes from Holy Spirit (who is the spirit of our Father in heaven) being in us (Matthew 10:20), and the Holy Spirit carries the name of God. By correlating the use of the seals in Revelation 7:3 and 22:4, we can see that the seal that God has placed on his people contains his name, which is his authority. We have also had the Holy Spirit placed on us as a seal, which contains the name of God.


Our spiritual authority comes from belonging to our Father in heaven and receiving the Name of the Lord as a seal upon us.