The Spirit Realm Secret Place

Spirit School

When we draw away from distractions and spend time with God, we tune our spirit into our spiritual secret place, where we abide with Jesus. In spirit-to-spirit connection, we enter into a perception of our reality: dwelling under the shadow of the almighty, abiding in Christ, enveloped and wrapped in him (Psalm 91).


Our secret spirit place is the heart and bosom of Jesus Christ, entwined into our Father in heaven by the Holy Spirit. When we choose to focus on God and open our hearts to him, our awareness of our spiritual secret place hightens. An inner peace, a sense of love and care may envelope around us. God may even grant us a visual experience of coming into the heavenly realm.


We live everyday abiding in Jesus Christ, our safe and secret place. So our physical act of going to a place, far away from distraction, to dwell with God is a reflection of our heavenly reality.


When we rest in God and are mindful of his presence, by faith we become aware of our heavenly reality, aware of the closeness of God’s presence within and around us. We can make use of being more aware of God’s presence without distraction, to practice discerning his voice and spirit. Our Father in heaven is extremely pleased to dwell within us, so he is eager to reveal his voice to us.


Our communion with God flows through the conduit of love. During the latter part of 2017, an angel appeared to me in a dream, holding a wooden box in his hands. The angel handed the box to me said, “Father loves it when you tell him, ‘you know he loves you’.” I woke up and was full of peace and joy.


When our heart and mind attune into our spiritual reality, we become more perceptive to the voice of Jesus. As we practice hearing his voice and getting used to the way he speaks, so hearing and recognising his voice in the world full of distractions becomes easier.

Making a practice of being in your secret place with Jesus will be key to going deeper in the mysteries of God. Cultivating a spirit realm secret place is not about having a physical environmental, full of circumstantial peace, but rather a state of rest in our spirit, from which we are able to open to the spirit of God, independent of our situation and environment.

With maturity comes the ability to place our spirit into our spirit's secret place with God, which is needed at times of difficulty and adversity. To access the Kingdom of Heaven's peace in times of turmoil is a gift and it also helps to practice the presence of God in all times, so that we have laid good foundations for when difficult times come.

With maturity, entering our spirit realm secret place with Jesus becomes irrelevant of circumstance.