Spirit Perception

Spirit School

When Jesus speaks to us, he speaks through spirit-to-spirit communication, from the spirit of God to our spirit. Many people learn that God speaks to them through visions, impressions, dreams and various other ways, even through angelic visitations. One of the common threads among such spiritually gifted people, is curiosity; a hunger to understand, inquire and search the spirit of God for knowledge and wisdom.

Going deeper in the spirit of God can give us spiritual tools to help unravel and unlock the meaning of God’s mysteries. Various prophets in the Old Testament belonged to schools of prophets, and they had ways and means to go deeper into revelation. So by looking at biblical examples of how people responded to the revelation of God, we can learn from several old testament prophets, who received a puzzling revelation and had to go deeper in the spirit of God in order to discover its meaning.

Hearing In Spirit

While we are in spirit, that is to be aware and open to the spirit of God from within our own spirit and heart, our sensitivity to the spirit realm heightens. Can you recall any changes you felt during the previous activation? These are spirit responses to the spirit of God. As we open our heart to the presence of God, our body, soul and spirit respond and it can feel as if the presence of the Kingdom of God intensifies around us. Our being pick up on the shift in our spirit as we raise our spiritual awareness and open our hearts to God.


As we tune into the spirit realms, our ability to perceive the beings that dwell within the spirit realm also increases. The foundation of spiritual experience is in Jesus Christ, so it is important to practice hearing his voice and recognising his presence before we move beyond this and into the deeper things of the mysteries of God.


After all, Jesus Christ is described as the foundation and the capstone (Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 28:16, Psalm 118:22). Jesus also told us he is the gate through which people enter into the kingdom of God, so all safe spiritual experience in Christ is entered through him, who is the gate. Being our foundation to spiritual experience, the Holy Spirit of Jesus is our guide in spiritual experiences. His spirit carries us and enables us to see spiritual truth and the spirit realms with clarity.


Our spiritual eyes may need adjusting as we learn to see in spirit, just as at first we could not see in colour or beyond our noses but as we grew, so our sight developed. Developing our spiritual perception and sensitivity to spirit is done through practice and leaning of the wisdom of God as we learn to recognise the voice and spirit of our guide, Jesus Christ.


As we strengthen our spirit through practice of spiritual perception, sharpening our spiritual discernment through constant use, we can grow to recognise the presence of God and the voice of Jesus with increasing ease.


The Bible makes it clear that through practice, we are able to discern good from evil, or light from dark (Hebrews 5:14). This ability to discern is so extremely important when operating in the spirit realm, because there are various kinds of spirit that dwell there, various realms are accessible and we will need to learn the presence and voice of Jesus so that we can find our anchor into his safe place when we explore new territories.


Another reason for going deeper into the voice and spirit of Jesus is because all the spirits that belong to the Kingdom of God (submit to God’s authority, reign and influence), carry the presence of God. They recognise his voice, nature, will and command, so in being able to recognise and dialogue with Jesus, growing in maturity, we will be able to discern other spirits and know who is subject to Jesus Christ.


As we grow in maturity of perceiving the nature, character, mind and will of God, along with everything that is good (for every good and perfect [gift] comes from above [God our Father]), we will be able to discern if an angel, or spirit, aligns with God.


Wisdom, who is a spirit of God (Isaiah 11:2), was at God’s side and involved in creating everything (Proverbs 3:19). The precepts, principles, laws and dynamics of the spirit realm were designed and formed by a co-labouring of God and wisdom. If we are to understand the spirit realm and work in it according to the will of our Father in heaven, we must understand the wisdom of God. Even binding our hearts into the spirit of wisdom (more on this later in these sessions).