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Seers, Demons & Deception: Jesus' Point of View

Ever since I was born again, I was fascinated by the book of Revelation. Mostly because it reveals a lot about where Jesus is at the moment: heaven. It also reveals much about the angelic realm and how it operates alongside Jesus Christ, in the fulfilment of the Father’s will. Despite popular culture and Christian belief, it actually doesn’t weigh heavily on the demonic or doom. It’s a book of hope and life.

Yet there is one part of the revelation that I found both fascinating and troubling, which is Revelation 22:11. Here it gives us the impression that God is quite happy for the evil to continue to be evil, for the impure to continue as they are, and for the righteous and holy to continue to be righteous and holy.

“What on Earth?!” My internal thoughts cried at first. “Why would God allow evil doers to continue to do evil?” I could not ignore the revelation that John wrote down in this book, so had to search the scriptures to discover what God meant by this.

Throughout the past two years I have sat among people who have described their spiritual experiences, and claimed they are from God. Yet I have found some of these experiences questionable to say the least. Hearing about the territory that some seers are walking into has caused my heart much grief, and I have gone to Jesus on multiple occasions concerning the state of affairs.

I have found that Jesus’ attitude towards the mixture of occult practices and Holy Spirit gifts among the church at the moment, although I find it astounding, draws closely to that in Revelation 22:11.

In Matthew 13:24-30, Jesus tells us the Kingdom of Heaven is like a field where a man plants seeds and during the night, his enemy sowed weeds in the field. The farmer, who represents God the Father, sows his seeds which is akin to his word which gives rise to faith and salvation. Yet during the night, which represents the influence that Satan and his demonic hoard have over humanity, sow weeds in the field. The field represents the Earth, so here we have the picture of God planting his people in the Earth during the day, which is the Kingdom reign of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of Light. During the night, the dark dominion of Satan, weeds are sown to choke the wheat.

Jesus admits that in his Kingdom, weeds will be sown and he knows all about it. That is people will be planted into churches by Satan himself and Jesus knew this ahead of time.

So the question we may ask is - why? Why does Jesus allow this?

I might be so bold as to conclude Jesus doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that there will be false prophets, workers of false signs and wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9). Jesus allows all this to happen alongside his Kingdom which advances and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.

So if we draw back to Revelation 22:11: let the evil continue to be evil and the righteous continue to be righteous. Jesus does not seem in a rush to remove the demonic influences from the Earth.

I remember a book by John Scott, which presented an argument that if God called forth all the demonic activity on the Earth and in his church, he would need to call them into judgement. Doing so would effectively mean he would need to bring all into the final judgement as detailed in Revelation and spoken about by Jesus Christ, which would then usher in the end of days, which gives way to the new creation.

Such an event is impossible before the appointed time of the return of Jesus Christ, which is a glorious day. The date of which not even Jesus Christ knows, but only our Father in Heaven.

So then it seems understandable that Jesus Christ allows the demonic activity to continue, but the question is:

Where is Jesus’ focus?

God knows everything: he is omniscient and infinitely wise. Nothing is hidden from him, so he is not surprised by the activity of Satan or what unfolds before us. Jesus Christ has already dealt with Satan’s schemes and armoury at the cross, having disarmed him of his mightiest weapons (Colossians 2:15). So in Christ we have the right to become children of God and inherit eternal life.

Jesus’ eyes are not set towards the activity of Satan, demons, sorcery, occult activity and trying to prevent or remove all manner of evil. Rather his eyes are set towards the church and his beloved. The heart of the church and our relationship with our Father in Heaven is his primary concern, alongside our attitude and behaviour that could malign his name. Yet still, he gives us time to repent when we stray into error. God is extremely patient while longing for us to mimic the attitude and character of Jesus Christ.

The bottom line is, God is love and if we as seers and prophetic people, want to be inline with what Father is saying and doing, we need to ensure our eyes and hearts are drawn along his plumb line of love. We need to ensure we see as God sees, we speak with God’s intent and love, encouraging people into a deeper love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Satan and his activity is only our concern if God draws us it to our attention. For it is the church that needs strengthening through our gift, not a call to warfare against the dark powers at work, but a call into a deeper love for God and one another.