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Jesus Christ The Original Seer

Jesus, being familiar with the spirit realm, was not phased when he faced opposition in the synagogues, on the city streets or even when his parents lost track of him as a young boy. What was his secret? What enabled Jesus to see through the evil that surrounded and pressed into him, and overcome with love?

From the beginning, Jesus was spirit. He dwelled in God, with God, as God from the beginning and his natural abode is in the spirit realm. So when he was made flesh and took upon himself the body that was prepared for him (Hebrews 10:5-7), he was fully functional as human and spirit. He was able to be fully physical, with all his physical senses open, and fully aware spiritually, with his spirit senses open.

The secret to Jesus' supreme spirit realm awareness, as the original template for a Christian seer, is found in Psalm 40. In these versus we see the tangible parallels between David and Jesus. The Earthly representation of the messiah, a "type of Christ" and the heavenly reality - Jesus Christ. We also see the parallel between the Earthly reality and the Heavenly reality.

Let's draw to the part of the psalm that says "my ears you have opened". This is in parallel with the part in the torah that says a bond servant can have an awl driven through their ear to belong to their master forever because of their devout love of their master. The driving of the awl through the slaves ear was recognition of the slaves love to their master and family. The spiritual representation of this in Jesus, is his devout love toward our Father in heaven and his family - his bride (the church) and the company of saints (the righteous in God). Jesus, as a seer, routed his foundation in an absolute devout love toward our Father in heaven and us, his church.

If we want to see the spirit realm, we must ask ourselves, how much do we love God, and secondly, how much do we love his church? This is a power challenge, because the seer aspect of the faith is often shunned, hidden or rejected by the church, rejected by those we are called to love. Sound familiar to what happened to Jesus Christ?

Draw strength fellow seer, from a devout love toward God and his family that is channeled direct from the heart of Jesus Christ himself!

We can see an even deeper mystery of Christ from Psalm 40 where it says Jesus had God's love and righteous within his heart and did not hide it. Rather, he made it known to the great assembly. Draw a parallel with 1 Kings 22, where we see a great assembly gathered before the throne of God. This great assembly is not an Earthly thing but points toward a greater spiritual reality. Through his life of love, Jesus declared through the disposition of his heart, the gospel to all realms.

I imagine the angels, who longed to look into the mystery of the gospel, would have been attentive to Jesus, eager to witness and perceive the reality of God's love that he harboured in his heart and demonstrated by his life.

Jesus affected the spirit realm by his devout love, which was deeply routed in his heart. The core of a Christian seer, who walks with great effect in both the physical realm and the spirit realm, is to harbour love in their heart from which flows every deed and motive.

Let's return then to the opening of the ear as mentioned in the psalm. To understand a spiritual mystery, we need to look at what Jesus said of himself in John 5:19 and John 12:49. Jesus saw and heard the Father without hindrance. His ears being opened reflected the spiritual aspect of the seer: an enlightened heart to hear, see and perceive what our Father is doing so that we may, out of love, pursue his Kingdom and live accordingly to his ways, powered by love, just like Jesus Christ the original seer.