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How to: Engage, Interact & Work With Holy Angels

Have you ever walked into a room or area and sensed there is something unusually different about it? Perhaps there is a sense of peace, heightened awareness, joy or a sense of expectancy of something happening. This is usually a sign that there are angelic forces in operation nearby and by working with the gift of discernment of spirits we can learn how to operate with the angelic.

We know God has sent his angels to us (Psalm 91:11, Psalm 104:1), so when we sense the presence of the angelic, we know they have been sent for a purpose to work according to the Kingdom of God. These angels have been sent to corporate with what our Father in heaven wants to do. The angels may also be sent into the room or area for a specific purpose, to help minister the Kingdom of God to people who are present.

We can find out what the angels are doing by approaching the Holy Spirit and asking what God is doing. After we ask God for wisdom, understanding and insight, it's usually the case that we then need to wait on Holy Spirit for insight into what the angels are doing.

As we wait, we may sense things in the spirit such as peace, excitement, a bubbling sensation of energy or something else. Overtime, with practice, we can learn what these senses mean.

When we sense the angelic presence, we can ask what it is God is doing in this place that we can corporate with such as "Father, show me what you are doing and how I can join in your work". "Open my eyes to the reality of what is going on in the spirit realm."

We may start sensing "pockets" in the surrounding area where the angels are ministering, which may feel like pockets of peace, pockets of warmth or a feeling in your spirit that something is different about a certain area of the room. This is most likely an indication of where the angels are.

Personal Story:

Recently I was in a church service and I saw in the spirit a lot of angelic activity over one part of the room. There were flashes of light dancing around people. Throughout the service, several people who came forward to share words of knowledge and prophetic insight, came from the area where the angelic activity was happening.

We can even interact with the angels, either by saying aloud or in the quietness of our hearts "Holy angel thank you for your presence, I recognise you're here."

Before proceeding any further it is important to test the spirit, so we need to ask it "are you here from the Lord Jesus Christ". If the spirit responds, it will usually impart a sense in our spirit of where it is from - some people may have visions, images, a sense of peace or unrest according to the spirit, or even hear its "thoughts" in their spirit. Spirit communication with angelic beings is very similar to how Holy Spirit communicates with us.

With the sense we receive, we need to keep pushing until we get a response, useful questions are: "why are you here?", "who do you come from?", "where have you come from?", "who do you worship?", "who is your God?"

We can keep pressing in with questions until we get a sense they are Holy and from God, then we can ask the angel what we can do to help in its mission, what is it God wants us to do. The answer will usually come in the form of a vision, a sense of knowing, an audible voice or any other way similar to how Holy Spirit reveals prophetic words to us.

We can then pray in response.

The dynamics are:

The Holy Angel reveals what it needs to complete its mission.

Our Father in Heaven reveals to our spirit what he is doing.

We put the two together and pray according to the will of our Father in Heaven, and our prayers benefit the mission of the angelic beings.

Usually angels will manifest to us in these ways because they need help to overcome a blockage in the spirit realm, either through hardness of human heart or a demonic oppression. Prayer submitted under the hand of God and in his revealed will is extremely powerful. When we are given insight into the angelic presence it is a fantastic privilege of entering into the Kingdom work of God and co-labouring with Jesus Christ. In partnering with our Father in Heaven and the angelic in this way, we govern as priestly Kings with powerful, effective prayer according to the revelation given from God and governing through prayer by declaring and interceding into the revelation. In doing so, we fulfil our identity as royal children of God and govern according to His Kingdom. We exert the authority of the Kingdom of God over dark influences and the light in us spreads out in the spirit realm.

Say an angel has come, and you sense its presence as peace. The Father has also given you insight that someone is going through a really difficult time that has unsettled them. So you can exert your authority in the situation by praying for peace and blessing the ministry of the angelic with peace from Jesus Christ.

Notice the prayer is not to bless the angel's peace, because they are not interested in imparting their own peace. Luke 2:14 shows us the angels are concerned with giving God glory and ministering from him to us, so we pray for peace to come from God through the angel.

As we press into prayer, and break down dark opposition to the ministry of the angelic, God breaks through and starts to touch people's hearts, presses back against the darkness and establishes his Kingdom rule in the area. It is a glorious mystery that God has delegated his authority to us and assigns his angels to work with us to minister salvation to us.

How do we listen to the angelic:

There are several principles that govern how we listen and interact with angels.

1) Angels are spirit

2) Holy Spirit is spirit

3) Our spirits are spirit

So if we are trained in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and have learned how to interpret what he reveals to us, then it is an easy journey to understanding the angelic spirit voice. Dialoguing with angels is similar to how we dialogue with the Holy Spirit, they are not the same as Holy Spirit so we need to test what they say against the truth of God.

Angels communicate through spirit communication, so our interaction with them may seem similar to our interaction with the Holy Spirit, such as through visions, internal "knowing" (similar to word of knowledge or word of wisdom) or other revelatory means.

To understand our spirit language, we need to start with cultivating our communication with the Holy Spirit. As we practice under the Holy Spirit's revelation, we will become accurate in understanding revelation that comes from angelic spirits.

If we are stuck and unsure how to pray to help the ministering angels, then we can pray the Aaronic blessing, in short: the Lord make his face shine upon you, may he be with you and bless your mission.