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Help! An Angel Appeared To Me

What if an angel appeared to you today? Would you recognise it? The Bible contains over 100 references to angels, with various different descriptions of the spiritual beings.

The bible describes angels as beings that look like men, women, wheels within wheels with burning fires in the midst of the wheels, spirits that look like eyes, horses of different colours, stalks, strange beasts (check out the descriptions in Ezekiel 1:5–11, Ezekiel 10:14, Revelation 4:7, Zechariah 1:8.

Recognising an angel is perhaps not as simple as it may sound, but there is hope.

The writer of Hebrews tells us that many entertained angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2). That means, whenever angels appeared throughout history, they had no special appearance to them that they should be distinguished between you and I. They appeared as human beings!

Chances are, we have all had encounters with angels but we just haven't recognised them as angels at the time.

Personal Testimony

In 2018 one of my cats went missing, and I only heard two weeks after he had disappeared. So I asked Holy Spirit to translocate me to his location and I saw him in spirit, sitting under a tree by a stream. When I checked this with the person who was looking after my cat at the time, they confirmed that was where he was last spotted but when the location was scouted, he could not be found.

I continued to pray and three days later I asked Holy Spirit to translocate me in spirit again. This time I saw my cat healthy, happy and purring in the custody of someone kind. I knew in my spirit it was time to ask Holy Angels to find my cat and bring him home.

The next day I receive a message telling me a kind, old man dropped my cat off in the neighbouring village, alive, well and happy, despite being lost for over two weeks! Apparently, the man found my cat on the side of the road in the village, and took him to the vets where they scanned his chip and found out his details.

I believe the old man was an angel.

Sometimes we can discern the presence of someone's spirit, and for some reason they seem peaceful, even unearthly, in a good way. This could be because they are an angel - next time this happens, observe their face, their interactions and see if you notice anything different about them to what we would expect of a person in the surrounding areas.

When the apostle Paul was on a boat that was lashed by a storm, he had divine wisdom of how to survive the storm because an angel appeared to him and gave him a strategy (Acts 27:23).

When angels appear to us in ways that we know they are angels, it can either be through a dream, a vision, a direct encounter or a spirit translocation into a heavenly realm, the Holy Spirit may even open our eyes to see the spirit realm. Daniel and Paul are prime examples of this, when they were the only ones to see a vision while people around them heard a sound or saw a light, but did not see the vision.

Paul and Daniel's spirit eyes were opened for a short time, to see the reality around them.

So say an angel appears to you - how would you know it's an angel? In biblical terms, we would know because the angel will have a heavenly appearance to them - either looking like lightning, having wings (cherubim or seraphim), or appearing to us in a vision.

It is often so easy to get caught up in the appearance of the angel, that we might get so lost in the experience and not interact with the angel. So here are a few tips on how to interact with an angel if one should appear to you:

1) Interact by spirit communication.

This is very similar to how we communicate with Holy Spirit, because we communicate with Holy Spirit through spirit communication. As angels are spirit, so we communicate with them through spirit.

If you want to explore more of this, check out the spirit school, which covers the basics of understand the spirit realm, and interacting with spirit.

2) Test the angel

Testing the spirits is so important, and sometimes easy to forget. Simply telling the angel that it can only stay with you if it is from the Lord Jesus Christ is a good first test.

If this fails, and you still aren't sure about the angel and want to test it further, tell it that it can only stay if it submits to Jesus Christ the Son of God, as Lord.

3) Enquire of the angel

You can ask the angel questions. Dialoguing with angels is often a good way to find out why they have been sent to you, how you can interact and get involved with their work and see changes in the world around you.

Following the guideline of point 1, you can interact with spirits in the same way we interact with Holy Spirit when we receive words of wisdom, knowledge or prophecy.

4) Test the revelation

Test the revelation the angel gave to you, because sometimes we can filter the message, our imagination can override or interject ideas or notions, which we may mistake for the angels' original message. Finding good, wise people to share your experiences with is a good way to test the message, as they will naturally want to measure it against the nature and character of God to determine what is from the angel and what was not. (Often we can interject our own thoughts without realising it).

Vision Encounters

Holy Spirit delights in taking us on spiritual experiences. Through the experiences, he shows us mysteries from the spirit realms that are otherwise hidden from us. Angels can appear in various forms, ways and means, while we are in a spiritual experience.

Angels are sometimes terrifyingly awesome, so that when we are around them, we have a sense of awe and wonder. John experienced this during his revelatory experience on the island of Patmos (Revelation 22:8-9).

Angels have different colours, shapes and sizes. Some look strange and bizarre, having animal faces. This may sound like heresy but check out the book of revelation. The living creatures have animal faces.

Some look like they are clothed in lightning, whereas others appear to be clothed in jewels and precious stones. Others may appear to be clothed in gold, and I have seen some that are clothed in what looks like a series of precious stones interwoven with metals, intricately shaped into a material that closely fits onto their form and looks like leaves, overlapping each other.

Some appear as whirls of colour, flames of fire or even a mist.

This is not a definitive list of ways in which they can appear but hopefully this gives an indication of the variety of spiritual beings that exist.

Lights, Orbs and Flashes

Some angels manifest in the physical realm as flashes of light, balls of colours that look like orbs, or twinkling lights that look like glitter that shimmers in the air, or on surfaces.

These are the physical manifestation of angelic presence. When the lights flash, often the angels are ministering ideas and fresh revelation to people, helping them process and think. If you see this happening, be open to what revelation Holy Spirit is enlightening to you.

Have you had any angelic encounters, got questions you would like answering? I would love to hold some Q&A sessions where I answer your questions and help you understand what's going on. I'd love to hear from you, my email is