Activation: Restore Effective Authority

Spirit School

At one with Jesus Christ, the supreme authority over all that exists, we have been entrusted with his great authority (Matthew 28:19). We have been given the authority to take people out of darkness and bring them into the light of Jesus Christ through the message of the good news of the Kingdom of God.


Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ has been given the privilege of having his spiritual authority endowed in them, yet we are not ignorant of the spiritual wickedness and forces of evil that oppose us. These spiritual forces may try to use anything against us and so contest any spiritual authority we may try to exert over them.


God wants us, his bride and church, to walk in absolute freedom, as his dearly beloved who carry his name. So Holy Spirit, on invitation, can examine our relationships, conduct and hearts for anything that has broken away and deviated from God’s intended design and conduct, so that we can be restored in our conscience and hearts, to work with effective authority in the heavenly realms.


This is not a question of being tarred with sin but a question of conscience and heart.


Our Father in heaven is extremely concerned about his name and the state of our hearts in relation to him. He is concerned about his name, because his name is what saves people and brings them into relationship with him. He is concerned about the state of our hearts because our heart is where he has made his home and is the wellspring of life.


We see in the book of Nehemiah that when the city walls were broken, God wanted to restore them and make the city whole again. This is an analogy to the people of God, and God made this even more clear when he spoke of a future city (Isaiah 54:11 - 12) that represents his people.


God’s intention is to make whole that which is broken, to restore that which is lost, and to dignify that which is dishonoured. This is part of God’s justice, which is restorative justice; to bring things back into alignment with God’s original design (Isaiah 42:3, Matthew 28:12 - 13, 18 - 21).


If we have relationships and areas in our lives that are not in alignment with a life of royalty in Christ, God’s intent is to help us get things back on track. He wants us to maximise our effectiveness in the authority of Jesus Christ, so he will send help to us in order for our lives to be mended and back on track.

A lifestyle of honour is something that may take many of us practice and a change of attitude. So long as our hearts are in the right place before God, and our intent is to honour those we have some form of relationship with, we are considered to be after God’s own heart. There is no need to stop or hinder spiritual progress in working with Christ in spirit. The most important thing is our heart’s disposition to pursue Jesus Christ, to continually live in a way that intentionally wants to glorify his name and honour the ways of God.


We do not need to go on a “sin hunt” to find every single thing that could hinder our effective spiritual authority, but if the Holy Spirit highlights something to us, then it’s important to deal with that. If the Holy Spirit does or has highlighted relationships that have entered into dishonour because of something we have done, or hurt and offenses in our hearts because of what others have done, chances are we will shortly come into contact, or have a near miss, with a spiritual force that might have a hold over us because of that dishonour.


This is a short exercise that can be repeated any time, to examine our hearts with Jesus, and do a spiritual detox and cleanup in our relationships.


Some may find it useful to prepare for this activation with a notepad and pen to jot down anything the Holy Spirit brings to mind. It may also be useful to read through the prayers and declarations, to familiarise yourself with the content.


This activation is focussed on heart work, but is an essential part of a lifestyle  for one who actively wants to pursue co-labouring with Christ, particularly in the spirit realms.


Before you begin, find a comfortable place where you are able to spend time with God. When you are ready, work through the following prayers and declarations.



Jesus Christ, I honour you. Thank you for the privilege of working with you.

I want to honour you more, reflecting your love and attitude in my relationships.

Holy Spirit, I invite you to examine my heart and show me any relationship that needs our

attention at this moment, or any areas of offense or hurt that you want to highlight.


(Wait on Holy Spirit and write down any names or relationships that come to mind and anything that happened to cause dishonour). When you are ready, continue with the following prayers and declarations.


Jesus Christ, thank you for showing me the areas we need to work on.


Here is a template that can be used to pray through each relationship the Holy Spirit has highlighted. Where you see words within brackets such as [the relationship] or [name things Holy Spirit highlighted], place the names of the people involved, or the name of the relationship or list of things Holy Spirit has highlighted:


Jesus, I bring [relationship] and [people involved] before you.

Forgive me for ways in which I have hurt, dishonoured and maligned [relationship] and [people involved].

(If Holy Spirit showed you specifics then use the following prayer for each specific way in which a relationship was hurt or brought into dishonour). 



Jesus Christ, forgive me for doing [name things Holy Spirit highlighted] in/to [the relationship].

Thank you that your blood washes me clean.

I ask you to clean the connection I have in [the relationship] and to heal what I have broken.



Prayer for forgiveness for other people’s parts in dishonour in the relationship:


Jesus Christ, I forgive [person or people involved] for bringing dishonour to [the relationship].

I also forgive [person or people] for [what they did].

Thank you for your blood that forgives and washes us clean.


Holy Spirit, I ask you to build your Kingdom into [the relationship] and

bring the redemption of Christ to it.


In the name of Jesus Christ I cancel all holds that Satan gained

through dishonour in [the relationship].

In the name of Jesus Christ I forgive and release [name each person involved] to our Father in Heaven

I declare the blood of Jesus Christ redeems and washes clean, all things.

I invite the blood of Jesus Christ to wash clean [the relationship].

Jesus Christ, I choose to make a conscious decision to pursue honour

and love in my heart, towards [the relationship].

Take a breather. This is a massive step in turning our hearts toward God and cleaning anything that could cause our spiritual eyes to be filtered or darkened. Enjoy your new found freedom and continue throughout the school to enjoy the blessing of co labouring with Christ with his governmental authority alongside the saints and the holy angels of God.

As we walk in our spiritual authority and identity as Jesus Christ's beloved friends, brothers, sisters. government and royal priests, we can engage in heavenly matters with a pure heart, which the rest of these mentoring sessions will cover.