Provision - Room of Mist

Spirit School

One of the names of God is “God our Provider”, as first introduced in Genesis 22. Throughout the scriptures God reiterates how he provides, through the use of spiritual symbols such as rain and mist (Psalm 68:9, Psalm 147:8, Acts 14:17), as well as a physical manifestation of dew from heaven, which accompanied the mana in the wilderness.


God’s ultimate provision comes from the heavenly realms, hidden in Christ (Philippians 4:19) and is reflected in the physical provision and various miracles of provision on Earth. They all point back to Christ, our all sufficiency.


The provision from heaven comes from various rooms and chambers, all within the heavenly realm and under the reign of Christ. Some of these look like rooms full of treasure, others look like marble rooms with water vats and bowls dotted about the room.

Personal Experience

On one occasion, I was in the spirit while seeking God for provision of a home to live in and I found myself in a room built from marble. The floor was made from stone and was warm. As I looked around I saw pillars made from white marble that stretched to the ceiling that seemed to be made from white stones, each about the size of a house brick.


I looked ahead towards the end of the room where there was something that looked like a throne and in the centre of the throne was a great white light. It was so bright I could not see beyond it or into it. As I looked around the throne, to its side I noticed various golden bowls and I heard the voice of Jesus come from the light, “Rest with me, Lee.”


I replied, “But Lord, I have come with a petition…”


Before I could finish speaking, Jesus said, “Do not worry about what you shall eat or drink, the Father knows all you need before you ask him. Trust in me and I shall provide for you. As for you, rest in me.”


As I surrendered to Jesus with a simple whisper, “I trust you,” my strength left me and I fell to the floor. As I lay on the white stones a mist rose from the cracks between them and covered my body. I looked up to the ceiling but the mist had become so thick, I could not see past my nose and I soon fell asleep.


I woke in my room and checked the time, an hour had passed but I knew Jesus had taken care of my need. Within a week, I had a new home signed for with great favour from the landlord.

Activation: Experiencing the room of mist

Although the room of mist exists and is for our provision, it may be possible that the Holy Spirit would be willing to take you to the room of mist to place your petition before the Lord. Although our petitions go before his throne immediately, it may be possible to witness the room of mist in your spirit.


It may be wise to try this activation with an open mind, being open to a spiritual experience happening, or not happening. To understand this activation, it is important to understand how our imagination works alongside Holy Spirit inspiration, as this activation relies on your imagination to work with Holy Spirit.


Our imagination has been designed by the Holy Spirit and he can speak to us through it. It may take practice to realise the difference between pure Holy Spirit inspiration, mixture and our own fantasies but Holy Spirit can work with us.


If you are confident to try out a guided imagination tour of the room of mist then please proceed with the activation below. Otherwise, please feel free to continue to the next session.

Imagination Tour of the Room of Mist


Before beginning this activation, it might be a good idea to read through it and become familiar with the steps. When ready, proceed with the guided steps and see where Holy Spirit takes you.


As you prepare to enter into a Holy Spirit guided tour within your imagination, say this prayer:

Jesus Christ I submit my imagination to you, for your purposes.

I recognise you designed my mind and my imagination, so I trust you to guide me.

Holy Spirit, I invite you to inspire my thoughts and show me images and pictures of the room of mist. 

As you close your eyes, imagine entering a room built from white marble stones. Inside are various pillars that stretch to the ceiling from the floor. Notice their intricate detail.


Ask Holy Spirit to show you the intricate art work on the pillars.



Take a look at the walls and notice the texture and designs of the brick work. Ask Holy Spirit to show you the details.

Now Take a look at the floor beneath your feet, ask Holy Spirit to show you the intricate detail of the stone floor.

Now take a look at the back of the room, where a throne is covered in golden white light. Ask Holy Spirit to show you the objects next to the throne on the floor, and to show you their details.

You may feel free to stay here or leave whenever you feel ready.


When you finally come out of the imagination experience with Jesus, say the following prayer:


Thank you Jesus, for showing me the room of mist and working with my imagination.

I would love to hear about your experiences as you follow the mentoring sessions. Please feel free to email in on or check out the facebook group where you can ask questions.