Principles Of Spirit

Spirit School

There are several principles of spirit that have been put in place by God to keep us safe. These principles are designed as a safety guard, a perimeter around us that keeps us within safe practices and the love of God.


Jesus spoke in allegorical terms (John 10:7 - 10) about these principles when he described himself being the gate to the sheep pen. Inside the sheep pen his disciples are enclosed by safety walls or boundaries. Here we see the safe way into spirituality is through Jesus, that includes spiritual experiences and use of the supernatural gifts including revelation. Within the confines and protection of Holy Spirit revelation, we are safe to explore all of the spirit realms.


Jesus Christ has offered himself as the gate (into revelation) and the protection (the good shepherd who looks after his sheep) because he wants us to have safe exploration of his realms. He knew there would be dangers to exploring the realms of spirit and so provided himself as our safety net and measure for godly revelation.


We weigh every revelation according to a relationship of love with our Father in Heaven, through Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. So we have three principles of spirit:

1 Pursue intimacy with God, our Father in heaven


Intimacy with our Father in heaven is entered through Jesus Christ (the gate)


2 Understand God’s mysteries, in faith, through contemplation, insight, revelation and spiritual

experience, weighed against God’s truth, character, principles and nature, as revealed in

Holy Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ


Through intimate relationship with our Father in heaven, we explore the spirit

realms in the confines of Holy Spirit (the sheep pen of safety) and measure

all revelation against the truth of God


3 Co-operate and co-labour with Jesus Christ, through an attitude of humble rest

and submission to Christ, in the spiritual authority of our Father in Heaven


After we have journeyed with Jesus in revelation and trained

to understand God and spiritual reality

we may go out (through the gate of Jesus) and impact the world

(to redeem the world and realms around us)

to bring glory to God and increase his reign of love

All spiritual experiences within Jesus Christ lead us into truth, anything outside of his truth or any revelation that points us away from the truth of God can and is recommended to be discarded. To ensure we enter through Jesus Christ we need to measure what we see and our interpretations with wise counsel. In so doing, we share our revelation with others in the sheep pen, who will act as a sounding board for us and help us sharpen our gifting and sight in the spirit.


The rest of the principles are rooted in 1 Corinthians 13. We currently see in part and do not fully understand the spirit realm. When we peer into the realms of spirit, we see from different points of view but we look at the same point of reference. This is why it is important to weight up what we see, seek counsel and understanding from others by sharing (with trusted counsel) so that we do not interpret wrongly, based on a glimpse from a certain point of view. How wonderful our God is that he should provide us with brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we can share our revelations and walk forward together.

Choosing the right people to share with

Jesus wants us to grow in our gifts, together. The gifts are given for the entire church to mature and reach its fullness of growth, so that we may have full understanding of God, his ways and all realms, physical and spiritual.


Choosing the right counsellors to share your revelations is key to success (proverbs 15:22). If there are not recognisable counsellors around us, it is prudent to ask God for them. He will bring them into our life, whether it takes weeks or years. They will appear at the right time but it is essential to recognise those who speak truth, love Jesus and do not shun prophecies but are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Together we grow, together we mature, together we are the body of Christ to the world and spirit realms!