In The Presence Of God

Spirit School

It is God’s good pleasure to reveal the things of his creation to us, including the heavenly realms but at the heart of discovering the mysteries of God is enjoyment of his presence, to fall deeper in love with him. It is recommended to practise the activations of the previous sessions, to become familiar with the voice and presence of God, before going deeper in the heavenly realm and his mysteries.


There is no greater thing for us than to know God, our Father in heaven; the lover of our souls. To have a revelation of God’s love and enrich our relationship with him through seeking out his mysteries, is a significant thing. The mystery of the gospel, the passion driven love of God in Christ, to bring us into connection with the Father, is a mystery the angels long to look into, with love being the core of the mystery.


God’s love toward us characterises us, changes us and conforms us into his likeness. It is a spiritual transformation and something that can be measured over time. Whenever we open our hearts to the presence of God and are mindful of him, he draws near and our hearts soften toward him. We change, being transformed into an ever deeper likeness of Jesus Christ.


The heart of mysticism is a desire for greater revelation of the person and love of God, which powers a deep relationship with the trinity (my own definition).


When we meet angelic beings in the heavenly realms, it becomes apparent very quickly that they love God and are quick to do his will. They remain within their command from God and serve willingly, with extravagant, rapturous joy. They love to be in the presence of Jesus Christ and they eagerly desire for us to understand the ways of God. The angels constantly learn of God’s wisdom and feast upon his commands, purpose and word, as if it was their life source.


Angels are spirit beings, and give us a glimpse into the spiritual reality that exists in the unseen realm. Through them, we can see a lifestyle that is centered around mystic communion with God in the heavenly realm, which is firstly focussed on practising the presence of God. As a mirror to the realities of heaven, God designed us to be in communion with himself, so that he could reveal his love, compassion and purposes through us, resulting in an ever increasing transformation into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  


Desiring and practicing the presence of God is the most important aspect of the lifestyle of a Christian and comes above than any other spiritual experience, angelic interaction, miraculous sign or wonder. Practicing God’s presence gives our spirit a solid foundation on which to recognise God’s spirit. With our spirit absorbed in the presence of God, we will be more ready to discern his presence and those who belong to him, both spirit being and human.