His World

Eyes close, the world fades

Smiling faces pass by, the world fades

Children scuttle around, laughter and chattering fades

Delightful scents waft through the air

Hints of jasmine, summer breeze, this world fades

Birds chirp overhead, serene silence, heavenly delight

This world fades

Eyes open, waterfalls of wonder, fountains of delight

Chalices of flowing crystal blue elixir

Etheric ribbons lick the marble floors as they dance

Crystal trees, golden paths

Angelic creatures adorned in rubies and coloured jewels

Sapphire streams flawlessly wander

His world brightens

Arms wide open, I fall into endless white cloud

Rainbows of light surround

Smiles, laughter, giddy angels swirl in delight

Otherworldly elixirs flow from glass lined trees

Delightful dancing, lucid tones

His world brightens 

Rings of fire dance upon his eyes

Crystal fountains and elixirs of blue ice surround

Words cultivated in the bosom of his heart

Weave into the deep of my soul

Essence of love entwined in an ancient echo

His world brightens