Part Three - Pillars Of Lightning

Spirit School

As we walk the corridors of the heavenly realms, we engage with spiritual beings beyond imagination, all serving the one true living God. In the realm of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, we are powerful ambassadors of his rule. Among the wise, the elders and the counsel of God are ancient beings who stand with the wisdom of God, entering into discussion with him concerning the events throughout space and time.

As co-labourers with Christ, we effect the Earthly realm through sacrificial love and operate in the heavenly realms in spirit, through honour and respect. Having gone through the fire stones, coming into a deep, purified relationship with our Father in Heaven, having been clothed in power from on High the moment we are born again, we are enabled to walk among the counsel of the Most High.

This section is designed to help you understand how to walk in the spirit realm and be as one who walks among the pillars of lightning in the heavenly realms. We are to be pillars in the Kingdom of God (metaphorically speaking), and we are clothed in the power of God, which is the Holy Spirit. This section of the spirit school is designed to help us understand our spiritual power, how to operate in it within the heavenly realms and engage with the angelic beings around us.