Part Four - Exploring Heaven

Spirit School

Jesus Christ has established us as his people, fully empowered by his Holy Spirit and ready to be his ambassadors who carry his royal seal upon the Earth. As a body of Christ, we walk hand in hand with God himself, advancing his Kingdom through love and hope in faith.

Seers are able to perceive the heavenly realm and relay the reality of the effect our prayers. Every prayer reaches the heavenly realms, every tear drop captured by angels and carried into a collection in a special place, accounted for by Father God.

Explore how these realms work and discover how effective your faith is in moving heaven with a behind the scenes look on the invisible heavenly realms.

I hope you have enjoyed practicing your gift and getting to now Jesus Christ better through this school. The remaining mentoring sessions are aimed at going deeper into working with the angelic realm and walking with God in face to face, personal encounters. If you are interested to learn more and walk through these exciting lessons on engaging with the heavenly realm, take a look at section 5, secrets of the heavenly realm.