Part Five - Secrets of the Heavenly Realm

Spirit School

As we mature in our gift, God may grant us the opportunity to walk in heavenly realms, interact with his angels and look into his secret plans. In this section of the mentoring school we explore the angelic realm including looking at angelic technology, how to interact with angels, the secrets of spirit gem stones, portals and inter-realm travel.

Together we will explore: how the heavenly realm works, how the angelic is organised, how angels travel between places instantly, about portals, gem stones, angelic technology, how to interact with angels and look into the secret plans of God.

Because this topic is advanced, and the explorer needs a firm foundation in Jesus Christ before adventuring into the deep beyond with God, this mentoring section is only available to those who have been through the rest of the school and have a relationship with the Spirit School UK. This is so we can remain accountable to you, and you to us, so we can develop a relationship where you can ask questions, get feed back on your experiences and engage with heaven's technology in a safe way.

The gift of the seer is like a surgical scalpel. It is powerful, sharp but used in the wrong way without precision and training, can do more harm than good.

This section of the mentoring school will train and teach you about these "heavenly precision tools", which are divinely powerful and immensely strong in wise hands.

Some topics that will be covered, but not limited to:

Royal Heavenly Prayers

Prophetic Heavenly Prayers

Understanding the Angelic Realm

Orders of angels

Angelic Chambers
Angelic Sanctuaries
Angelic Palaces

Angelic Mazzaroth
Spiritual Warfare: From Heaven's Perspective


Spirit gems

Angelic scrolls

Trees of life

Angelic Elixirs

Interacting with the cloud of witnesses

Interacting with the angels

Releasing the kingdom of God through heavenly encounters.