Our Effect On The Spirit Realm

Spirit School

From the moment we believe in Jesus Christ, we are immediately made into sons and daughters of God. In royal terms, we carry the signature of our Father, the King of Heaven and Earth. Just as the ambassadors of royalty carry a seal from the King or Queen and are able to act on behalf of the ruler and “do business” on the Monarch’s behalf, we would expect to see evidence in scripture that we have been given a seal of God’s authority.


Song of Songs 8:6 contains a prophecy that describes a seal on our heart and arm. For God’s love is as strong as death. The love of God embodied in Jesus Christ, is able to overcome death and give us everlasting life. Ephesians 1:13 tells us the Holy Spirit has been placed as a seal upon us, as a mark.


We have been given the royal seal of heaven and along with it spiritual authority in Jesus name!


As we walk around on Earth and enter into a spiritual vision, trace of visitation to the spirit realms, we carry the stamp of our Father in heaven marked upon us in spirit. Just by believing in the name of Jesus Christ, we carry the authority of our Father in heaven upon us.


Darkness, demons and evil spirits, feel the effect of heaven in the spirit realm, and they feel the effect of God’s seal upon us. We have authority to bring the Kingdom of God, as Christ’s ambassadors here on Earth. We carry such spiritual authority that the spirit realm can not help but be impacted where we are present.


As ambassadors and royal inheritors of life, which has superiority over death, we have been placed within Christ in the highest of realms, the heavenly realms. We have been rescued from the domain of death, under which Adam and Eve entered through eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and God has made us sons and daughters, born of his spirit, in the realm of life. We have been rescued from the domain of darkness and its rulers, and transferred into the Kingdom of light and made to reign in life in Christ (Romans 5:17).


Understanding that we are royally powerful and carry the authority of Christ is paramount when we take action within the spirit realm. There are powers at work in the realm of death and darkness, which oppose the rule and reign of God. Despite their rebellious nature, they must yield to the will of God. We need to understand our positional authority in Christ for times when Holy Spirit will take us into a spiritual confrontation with the powers of darkness.


It is from our seated position with Christ in the heavenly realms, that we are able to overcome darkness. From our heavenly position we are effective against all rule, dominion and powers that are raised against the knowledge of God. James had a handle on this when he wrote that if we submit to God then the devil will flee from us.


The key to operating in our spiritual authority is submission to God.