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To understand our universe and connect with the spiritual and physical fully, we need to understand who and what we are. How we connect with each other and the surrounding environment, whether physical or spiritual, stems from our origin.

God designed us as spiritual beings, we are made of body, soul, and spirit. Those who believe in Jesus are connected to the supreme diety (El Shaddai) by his spirit which dwells in their hearts and he has chosen by his purposeful decision, to be in connection to everyone.

Primarily the contents of this website are designed to help you further explore this connection to the divine, through the spirit of God, understand your own spiritual nature and provide a place to discuss matters of the spirit and soul.

God wants us to understand the spiritual realm, he designed us to be able to interact with it.

The spiriutal realm is where angels, spirits and God all dwell, and we interface with it through our soul and spirit

An enlightened heart in Christ can perceive the realm of spirit, just as God sees it.

The Spirit School helps people to discover how they operate in spirit,  exploring how to understand

the voice of God in its various forms, explore your spirit senses and hone them.

It is desigend to help you gain an understanding of the angelic realms, and explore the gift of seeing in the spirit, whether through practice or understanding.

The Spirit School contains various lessons, sessions and activations as a guide through various

disciplines of working in spirit. From spiritual intimacy with God, through to deeper

realms of faith, spiritual experience and exploring the reality of the heavenly realms.

 The Spirit School offers a deeper exploration of faith, the seer and prophetic gifts,

spiritual experiences, along with biblical explanations.

The school also explores other topics of the soul, that would otherwise be put aside as being superantural or concerning spiriutal matters the church doesn't touch on. We believe we need to understand all aspects of the spiriutal realm because we live and move within in, and God has hidden mysteries within in so that we might seek them out for wisdom and understanding.

As such, the materials herein are not for all, but if you should choose to adventure in understanding the spiriutal realms, we encourage you to do so with an open mind and heart, seeking truth and love.

Spiritual topics are explored throughout the blog, including personal testimonies of interactions

and experiences of the spirit realm.

I hope you enjoy these materials and are hugely blessed through them, I would love

to hear from you with testimonies and stories of how you have been impacted through

the spirit school or blog, please do not hesitate to write to me using the contact form below!


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