The Father's Heart Room

Spirit School

At the core all intimacy with God is abiding within his heart, the very deep part of God, his innermost core. God longs for us to partake of His divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), to be so enveloped in his love that we become true mirrors of himself, true mirrors of the nature of Jesus Christ in all love.


We can approach God to experience his all embracing love with deep compassion and mercy that causes us to be undone at our very core. It is love that strips away all guilt, shame and removes all excuses that say we can not receive love. His love fully embraces us as we are and tells us we are good enough, we are precious, highly esteemed by God and deeply loved.


As we rest in his presence and focus on his love, whether through soaking with music, meditating on his scriptures, through prayer or other means, our spirits enter into a realm of reality within the love of God, his beating heart room (or realm) in the spirit.


Many people have experienced this realm in heaven and describe it as a room made from the flesh of a heart. It is a “living” room which envelopes our spirits in the deep love of our Father. In his love our spirits are nursed in his healing balm, deep in the heart of God full which is full of the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ that heals our wounds and soothes our souls.


If we were to recount where the Father’s room is located, many will no doubt recount different journeys to get there, and recount different aspects of the room, depending on what our Father was ministering to them at the time.


As the Father’s heart room is akin to a living, beating heart, so the heart can show us spiritual impartation we can receive from his room. The human heart has four compartments, one for entry, one for exit and two atriums. The heart is responsible for making the blood flow through our bodies, which brings vital nutrients to us and carries away waste and toxins such as carbon dioxide.


Spiritually the Father’s heart room brings us life, and washes away the toxins and wounds in our soul. As we spend time in the Father’s heart room, our spirit is enveloped in the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ, which ministers healing into our soul. This is akin to the life giving nutrients in blood. The spirit of God also washes away hurts, pains, trauma and grief and so fulfills the prophecy that by Jesus’ wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53:5).


His love pours into our hearts and changes us over time. As we draw near to God by faith we may sense a change within us. We may soften towards God and we may find ourselves full of compassion. We may also sense a physiological change whereby our breathing changes, our body relaxes and we feel more lucid. This is one example of a physical effect of our spirit becoming more aware of our dwelling within the heart room of our Father and receiving of his loving care.

We may approach the Father’s Heart room by faith and receive the benefits of dwelling in his love. Over time, our inner being becomes more attuned to the love, compassion, gentleness, kindness and patience of God among many other of his divine characteristics.


Being bathed and soaked in God’s love is hugely beneficial as we embark on exploration of the heavenly realms, for faith, hope and love are foundations of the heavenly realms upon which they work. So as we attune into those characteristics of God through spending time in faith, abiding in his heart, we align with the beat of heaven. We will find that moving with heaven in our Father’s timing much easier, patience becomes a joy as opposed to a waiting game, as we eagerly yet patiently wait for the fulfilment of prophetic words and our Father’s will.


As we tune into the heart of God, our perspective on evil, suffering and ill-fortune changes as our focus becomes eternity focussed and our motivations more in tune with the all compassionate love of God.


As patience is developed on the foundation of love mixed with hope in faith, our engagement with the angelic realm can mature and deepen. No longer needing to see immediate action but by faith becoming one at rest with the spiritual surroundings, moving from “needing” to engage or “release” angelic activity, to an outlook of waiting on revelation from Father.


Although all of this comes with time, experience and maturing in the presence of God it is a journey worth taking. I have personally moved from jumping up and down with excitement because of an angelic encounter, to being secure in resting with a revelation after the Holy Spirit or an angel has told me to remain silent until a certain time, or event, has passed.


As we prepare for this activation of entering the Father’s heart room, some may find it useful to read ahead and become familiar with the steps and prayers in the activation. Feel free to take time and progress through this activation at your own pace. Some may find they “get stuck” at a certain point and feel it right to stay at that stage for a while, or even not progress past it. If that happens, be encouraged that Holy Spirit is ministering something important into your heart.


It is also okay if you do not have a spiritual experience or sense anything during this activation, entering the Father’s heart is a matter of faith and the effect of dwelling there is imparted by the Holy Spirit to our spirit.


Some may find it beneficial to find a comfortable spot, with surroundings that help to engage with God. It may also help if you have a notepad and pen to hand, to jot down any distracting thoughts that come to mind so you can come back to them later, or write down anything you sense Holy Spirit showing you.


During times of drawing near to the father’s heart room, our cares and concerns may rear up and come to the forefront of our mind. In this place, jotting them down and submitting them to father is enough to know he has heard them and will take care of them while we bask in his love.


This activation can be run through as many times as you like, and is useful to return to many times. For some, nothing “spiritual” may happen and this is okay. This is accessed by faith and any spiritual experience is a bonus that helps.

As you begin, close your eyes and focus on how you feel inside, and pray the following:

Father in heaven, thank you for your love.

I open my heart to you now.

I ask you to draw me into your heart.

As you wait, notice any changes within and how you feel.

Note anything down if it will help you recall your senses.

Next, we will thank Father for these changes.


Some may find it useful to follow this guided meditation:

Before you begin, pray:

Holy Spirit I ask you to carry my imagination and meet me.

As you close your eyes, imagine a beach before you.

Upon this beach the waves lap the sands, each bead is made from crystal that shimmers in the light of God.

Imagine the sensations upon your feet and you walk through the fine sand.

Look up to a cliff above the beach and imagine a house made of white marble.

Ask Holy Spirit to take you into the house to enter the Father’s Heart room.

Notice any changes you sense within you, this can be indicative of anything God is ministering into your spirit.

If you sense you have been drawn into the room, ask Holy Spirit to draw your attention to a piece of furniture or object within the room.

If you sense one, walk over to it and ask Holy Spirit what he wants to reveal to you about God and your own heart through the furniture.



If you have not sensed anything further, ask Holy Spirit to keep ministering to your spirit and rest in his presence by faith.

When you sense you are ready to come back to the present, thank Father God for the experience:

Father God, thank you for your love.

Thank you for ministering to my spirit.


I love you.