The Voice Of Jesus Extended Activation

Spirit School

Before you begin this exercise, it is recommended to read through the previous section on The Voice Of Jesus and Meditations On The Voice Of Jesus.

We can go deeper in our revelation and relating to Jesus.


The following activation is designed to help us key into a method to receive deeper revelation from Jesus. In the activation we bring before Jesus a certain area of our life in which we desire his help or intervention. We access his grace for that area of our life and obtain a revelation on how Jesus sees the situation.


This is often referred to as “getting heaven’s perspective”, or “seeing, as our Father in heaven sees.”


It may be useful to read through this activation before going through it.


When quiet and focussed on God, repeat the meditation of the previous activation:

I welcome you Jesus Christ


I love you Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ, you are in me


I welcome you Jesus Christ


I love you Jesus Christ


Pause for a moment and imagine that you are holding the thing you need Jesus’ help with.


You may find it useful to imagine that you are looking into Jesus’ face, paying particular attention to how his facial features and countenance appears to you. Or you may find it useful to recall scripture or knowledge of Jesus, such as compassion, forgiveness, mercy and empathy.


Imagine yourself giving your thing to Jesus and allow him to take it from you. Release it fully from your grasp and let it go from your heart’s longing.


As you let go say:


Jesus, I give you permission to step into this situation

Now pause for a moment as you consciously give the situation to Jesus. When ready say:


Jesus I thank you that you care about my situation

Jesus, I ask you to show me how you see this situation


Wait on Jesus for a revelation. It may come in the form of a vision, a word from scripture or a word that comes to mind that means something to you.


If you feel confused or want more clarity on what you believe is revelation from Jesus, you can ask:


Jesus, what does [...] mean


Until you feel satisfied with the answer


When you feel that you have received revelation from Jesus, thank Jesus for the revelation and his loving care.