Exploring Heaven's Courts

Spirit School

Each of the courts in heaven adhere to the character and nature of God. We can see elements of his nature throughout the scriptures, such as reconciliation, redemption, justice, mercy, warfare and forgiveness etc.


The angels work to serve God, to administer his Kingdom according to his nature and character, and they do this from strategic places within the heavenly realms. Let’s explore some of these heavenly rooms and draw some conclusions about how all the rooms work.

Court of Reconciliation

The court of reconciliation governs angelic interaction and involvement in all matters of reconciliation. The court of reconciliation is a circular room with a great angel at the center. In concentric circles around the angel are several rows of benches and tables that fan out to the outer walls of the room.


The room itself is dome shaped with several circle holes in the upper parts of the walls and ceiling, that look out into the heavenly skies above. The court of Reconciliation sits high up in the angelic realms, near a large collection of rooms and courts that are mounted on extremely tall foundations within the arboretum of wisdom.


The foundation of reconciliation is wisdom.


Whenever requests for reconciliation come from prayers and hearts desires, these are transformed into scrolls that fly in through the holes in the walls and ceilings. The presiding angel in the court receives the scrolls as they land on the central desk. Each scroll is then unravelled and the missive is read, understood and weighed against the will of God.


The angelic company then they work on strategies for the reconciliation, some strategies take years while others are shorter in their effect. Not all requests are successful, however, because it is dependent upon both parties to wish to reconcile, which is due to their hearts.

Court of Scribes

The court of scribes is a place where angels spend time writing down strategies, requests, petitions and letters to each other on scrolls. The angels in this court are often found in discussion and deliberation with each other.


The court of scribes is adjacent to the court of reconciliation and is also on top of the great pillars within the arboretum of wisdom.


The foundation of heaven’s strategy is wisdom.


The size of the angels in this room differ according to their wisdom and rank, some look very tall, elegant and official, while others seem rather small and almost child-like. These child-like ones are learning in operational wisdom and strategy, whereas the taller ones are well advanced in the ways of wisdom, have greater rank and are often a type of elder. The court of scribes is also linked to the court of strategy / war room (we shall explore these next).


Within the court of scribes, the angels who are considered elders among them, preside over the court. They have authority to determine what the angels “scribe” and work on in terms of strategy and mission. The angels within this court work within groups of 4 or 6, each group works around a large table and they mostly discuss matters which we are not permitted to hear the majority of the time.


When I have sat in on such discussions, I have been allowed to hear and ask questions, which the angels then took away and discussed a solution over the question. They then presented a solution to me, along with the potential consequences, which were many.


I then realised heavenly strategy is complex and must take into account the effect of implementing Father’s will, throughout time and it’s impact of Earth’s events and the people involved. Heavenly strategy needs to be timely, accurately executed and considerate of generations to come. It is no wonder then that when God spoke to Abraham, he included his descendants in his plan (Genesis 15:15), for heaven’s plans and strategies are for us and generations to come!


The court of scribes receive missives directly from God, which are formulated as responses to prayers or directions according to his will, revealed at specific times. The angels do not know certain aspects of God’s will ahead of time, so when such revelations appear, the angels are assigned strategic tasks by the presiding elders, to form strategies to implement the will of God.


Once the scribes have discussed and written down their agreed strategies, their scrolls are transported on the wings of the wind through open portals in the walls of the court.


Towards the back of the court are some staircases that lead upwards, and great angelic creatures guard the way. Only angels with the authority to ascend the stairs and operate within the rooms above may pass by these angelic creatures.

Chamber of Strategy: War Room

The room above the court of scribes is the chamber of strategy, or the war room.


At the top of the spiral staircase is an archway that leads into a great glass floor that looks as though it is suspended upon a body of azure blue water. The walls to the room also look like glass and give a vantage point over a heavenly realm, below are clouds and blue sky, above are stars and what looks like a vast array of galaxies.


The angelic presence in the court of strategy moves with efficiency and operates with precision. Angelic garrisons throughout creation; both Heaven and Earth, receive their commission, strength and resources from heaven’s strategy room. It is here that angels agree upon the best action to undertake in performing God’s will in advancing the Kingdom of God, stationing guards and watchers in strategic places.


In the war room there are various tables, some are made of glass and others look like they are made from solid wood. Each table is ornate in it’s design and contains blueprints, scrolls and crystal maps of all realms that are being strategised. At the swipe of a hand, the content of the table can change, dematerialising and the next strategy and layout materialise in an instant. The contents on the tables look like they are made from crystal that looks like fire and flames of different colours, with glass looking shapes that make out lands and spheres or regions of influence in every heavenly realm, whether the highest or the lowest.


The various realms are also interconnected within the strategy layout, they overlap and are not divided into separate spheres - so the Earth is represented with certain colours and the spirit realm other colours of crystal structures and ribbons of light that look like they are made of coloured liquid or gas.


There is also a strategy orb, which is a huge half sphere table that is cut in half and the top is flat. In the sphere is what looks like a lake of fire and ice and contains flames of various colours that represent events and decisions. These flames can be moved around by angelic or spirit hands in order to determine cause and effect, as the flames merge and dance to show the possible outcomes of decisions, allowing angels insight into potential future events. They do not know the exact outcome, unless the Lord has already revealed it to them, but it allows them to be prepared with wisdom.

How To Visit Heavens Courts and Chambers

You can visit these court rooms on request to the Holy Spirit, in faith by grace. Visiting the heavenly realm is a gift of grace and is not something we can work up through rules, rote or protocol. Our Father in heaven freely invites us into his mysteries, he longs to share all of his Kingdom with us! Including the courts and chambers of heaven.


So go ahead and ask Holy Spirit to allow you to “see” them! Discerning the courtrooms is a matter of exercising the seer gifting, using your spirit senses, feelings, perceptions and sometimes through various images or pictures, just like how the prophetic gift works.


If you sense something and you are unsure what it means, or can not see it clearly, sometimes it helps to speak aloud to Holy Spirit, describing what you have perceived and asking him to keep opening your spiritual eyes that you might discern with greater clarity. It is, afterall, a journey of intimacy through which we learn the mind of God.If you should find yourself there, no doubt an angel would approach you and introduce itself to you. If this should happen, feel free to ask the angel questions or for a tour of the room. In each of my experiences, they have been delighted to do so.


The angels actually get excited when a human appears in their courts, because our visits there are rare, few and far between but they carry the wisdom and joy of God, which they long to share with us.


Go ahead, ask Holy Spirit to take you to the court of scribes and see what happens, walk around in your spirit and discern the angelic presence in those rooms, walk over to the balconies and peek over the edge… see if you can see the arboretum of wisdom down below or the portals of sky, clouds and stars in the walls.


If you get the chance to go over to a table, see if you have grace to bring a petition to the angels, and watch as they discuss and deliberate with one another. You may even get them asking you questions and witness them form scrolls on your behalf!


The realm of heaven is an exciting place full of wonder.