Dealing With Dark Spiritual Forces

Spirit School

Worthy of a course of its own, I can not cover all areas of concern with regard to dark powers. I will, however, address some common pitfalls and misconceptions in dealing with these spiritual forces.


Words like territorial spirits, dark thrones, dark princes, dark rulers (when speaking of the demonic realm) may be familiar terms. Some intercessors have tried taking on these forces and not seen much shift as a result but rather the fall out has been alienation from church and friends, ailments, illness and in some cases, death. Not all of these are a direct result of an assault from a high dark power, but there is a correlation between incorrect spiritual warfare and ailments.

This had led to the publication of such books as "Needless Casualties of War", by John Paul Jackson. He warns against certain prayers which would end up in difficulty for the intercessor, attracting unwanted attention from dark spiritual forces. Attacking powers head-on is not what I am talking about here.


We have an effect in the spirit realm. As we walk through the world, our body, soul and spirit all pass through spiritual realms and territories that are governed by spiritual forces, both light and dark. The light of Christ in us pulsates through the spirit realm and the powers and spiritual beings that are around us, notice us. Jesus said we are a light to the world, we are such a beacon that the light in us penetrates through our bodies and filters into the spirit realm!


Seated in Christ, we are raised to a position far above all dark powers. So we do not need to tackle them head on, as we are not equal with them. This is not so that we may lord it over both light and dark spiritual beings, as some have started to do. Rather, we are mindful that they are extremely powerful, intelligent, cunning and wise (the book of James speaks of a godly and demonic wisdom - James 3:13-15). Those spiritual beings whom are of God are humble and faithful servants according to his will. Those who are dark are not and wrought disorder and every evil practice (Ephesians 6:12 speaks of spiritual wickedness in high places.)

The dark wickedness operates in high places. We have been raised higher so that we do not war on the same level.

Our spiritual authority in Christ means we do not even need to engage with the powers of darkness (unless Holy Spirit shows us explicitly and with reason). Rather, we rest in Christ and allow the power of his life giving spirit to sustain us. He raises us above our enemies and places them beneath our feet. For it is the Lord that has subdued his enemies beneath his feet, and invites us to sit at a banqueting table - in full sight of our enemies (Psalm 23).

As sons and daughters of the Supreme God, the Lord Almighty, we do not need to stoop to fight demonic powers head on, such activity is beneath us as Christians. Rather, we rest in the Lord as did the Archangel Michael when Satan engaged with him (Jude 9). To be totally effective in the spirit realm against powers of darkness, we need to know the heart of our Father in heaven. We need to be submersed in his ways, knowing his nature and character. At rest in whom we are in Christ, we are fully operational in our gifted spiritual authority.


So in a battle against the opposing dark forces that come to attack (in the evil day - meaning a period over which the dark forces assail against us through targeted attack), we appear to be feasting with God (Psalm 23) and not engaging with the evil forces at all. Rather than fighting back, we stand in the presence of God. In response, he walks us over to our table of delights and sits to eat with us.

While we rest in God’s great delight, our enemies look on, bewildered as to why we do not retaliate.

What About Holy Spirit Led Warfare

There may be instances where Holy Spirit will lead you to deal with dark spiritual forces, principalities or powers. Usually there is no method or protocol for these scenarios, as each one is different. If you are led by Holy Spirit to do such, the encounter will not be characterised by following a set of rules, someone's doctrine or teaching, whether they are an anointed deliverance minister or not.

Such cases are led entirely by Holy Spirit, as his wisdom is far above any other (James 3:13). If we feel led by Holy Spirit to deal with such dark powers, it is a good idea to check out our leading with other Christians, by the testimony of two or three a matter is established. Others will feel the same concerning the situation and so their discernment is a good litmus test for proceeding.

So if the Holy Spirit leads you, do not go alone but rather go as a group. If you can go in the spirit, even better but do it with someone who sees the spirit realm and has practiced their gift of discernment to a mature level. The dark spiritual beings are cunning, deceitful ancient beings who are far more intelligent than us and so we need Holy Spirit trained discernment of spirits to safely navigate such tasks.

If Holy Spirit leads you into the dark domains in the spirit, then also ask for angelic help (if you are a seer, it is easier to know when the help and yourself, are ready. Doing this sort of thing in a group spirit experience, vision or trance, is safer and advised).


Only do what Holy Spirit shows you to do, and when he leads you to pull out, you pull out. Follow his guidance to the point. In my experience, this kind of ministry is only for the well travelled in spirit, or safe when someone who is well travelled, is with you.


Above all, be safe.