Building Our Heavenly Home

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Jesus revealed that we have a home in heaven, which exists within the Father’s house (a domain that exists within the presence of God). He also revealed that our treasure is where our heart is (paraphrase of Matthew 6:21), and also that God dwells in our hearts, or made his home in our hearts, by his Holy Spirit.


When our Father in heaven designed us, he intended to dwell within us, we were designed to be his dwelling place, his house, his home, his Holy Temple. All of this combined together shows us the relevance of how our heart reflects the reality of our heavenly home and it is no wonder that our heart; our inmost being, is often depicted as a house in spirit language.


Jesus also told us that our houses in heaven are being prepared for us while we live here on Earth. We know through various scriptural references that we co-labour with Christ, so a spiritual mystery is that we also co-labour in the preparation of our heavenly estate, but the question is how?

How Do We Build Our Heavenly Home?

Our heavenly house is tethered to our heart while we live on Earth. We dwell here in a temporary “tent” as Paul described in 2 Corinthians 5:1, while our permanent dwelling is in heaven where we are securely anchored in spirit by faith.


Just as the silver cord (12:6) ties our body to our spirit, our faith ties our entire being to our heavenly reality. We have been anchored in heaven, or seated in the heavenly realms (Esphesians 2:6, Hebrews 6:19).


The Bible also tells us that every good deed, prayer, righteous action or motive is transferred into a heavenly spiritual reality that is stored in heaven as our treasure or reward. There are various scriptures that allude to this, some of them are Matthew 6:1, 1 Corinthians 3:8, 2 Corinthians 5:10 and Revelation 22:12.


Although we are given a heavenly home by grace through faith in the name of Jesus Christ, we can also build our house as it is a living structure, while we live here on Earth. Through righteous decisions, growth through learning by mistakes that refine our character and heart we build our heavenly home. It is as if our heavenly home can be “padded out” through spiritual substance that is transferred into a spiritual reality from good deeds, prayers, righteous motives and change of heart that happen right here in our lives.


Acts 20:32 holds a mystery of how God’s word of grace also builds us up (builds our character and transforms our heart into Christ-likeness) and gives us an inheritance among the saints. The inheritance is our reward in heaven that is granted through transformation of the physical deeds, prayers and our heart attitude while we live here on Earth.


I cover in part some of the ways of how physical entities such as deeds, acts and emotions and thoughts of the heart are transferred into a spiritual entity or reality, in this blog post:


I was first introduced to the concept of building my home in heaven, through various visitations that Jesus Christ gave me. In these personal visitations, he walked me through healing of various hurts, griefs, bereavements and lies that I believed, all of which that had affected my heart.


I have briefly detailed the experience below:

Personal Experience - Visitations From Jesus Christ

Throughout my life for one reason or another, I had believed that I was either adopted, unloved or unwanted. I had even been led to believe somehow that there was a desire to have me aborted before I was born. I had a difficult childhood that left me uncertain of myself, ashamed of being alive and I found myself in situations that would leave me with a death wish for how I felt based on the above.


Needless to say, I was not in the best shape. I cried out to God for healing or how I felt in my heart, which was a mixture of rage, numbness, anger and malice underneath my tempered Christian smile. God spoke to me so gently and told me he had to take me on a personal journey where he would minister to me personally and show me methods which the church did not understand at the time.


I did not understand why that would be the case, as I was so used to receiving prayer for healing, so I had no idea what God had in mind. Over the course of several weeks I would pray in the morning asking for healing in my heart, confessing how I felt and the lies I believed about myself but nothing could shift the emptiness that had crept in and the desolation I felt in my soul that made lay awake, crying and shaking every night for hours on end.


One day Jesus visited me and took me away in the spirit to a house. We both stood outside the house in the garden and we just looked at the exterior in silence. I was grieved at the state of the building, the windows were cracked, the lights were off, dust had gathered in spiderwebs in every corner and the picket fences were in tatters. The garden was a mess and weeds were all over the place.


Jesus spoke with a soft compassionate voice, “This is your heart Lee.”


His words hung in the air and I longed to hear him speak comfort to me but he stood in silence alongside me, his face radiant with a warm glow, while I stood feeling desolate and confused. I looked up towards the sky as rain fell cascaded down and the pitter-patter of raindrops hit the ground, which turned to brown mush under our feet. Jesus ushered me into the house and I followed.


As I stepped up to the porch, I noticed an old swing bench was held up by four ropes to the roof of the porch but it sagged on one side due to a loose rope and limply swung in the wind.


Jesus stood beside me as we looked through the front door and I expected Jesus to show me in, but he said we could only go in together if I wanted him to. I took a peek in through the broken window slats of the front door, which stood ajar and rocked in the wind. The door creaked as I pushed it open and we walked in to the front room. I tenderly walked over the rotten floorboards, which felt as though they would break under my weight.


Jesus stood with me in the middle of the room with me and I looked around as rain dripped in through the cracks in the ceiling.


Jesus turned to me and said “I want to mend your broken home, Lee, if you will let me we can make this better.”


I wept for the state of my heart, finally seeing it for what it was, untended and unloved.


“Yes Jesus, I want to be healed, show me how we can make my heart better.”


After this vision, Jesus took me on a journey of healing through understanding what God thought of me, through taking me in visions to past memories and he showed me where he was during times where I was alone and felt abandoned. God healed my emotions through revisiting past memories until one day he took me back to my house in a visitation.


I stood with Jesus at the picket fence of my house again but this time it was painted white, the broken parts had been straightened and the garden was neatly tended into garden beds and roses were beginning to grow.


Jesus opened the white wooden gate for me and I walked along the gravel path towards the porch. I noticed the porch swing was still broken but we walked through the front door into the main room. The broken floor boards were replaced and were all stripped back ready for decoration. The walls were bare and the windows were repaired. The holes in the ceiling were made good and Jesus turned to me and said, “We did it Lee. We repaired your house. Now, how would you like to build it?”


I looked around at the bare walls, the new floor boards and the sun that shone through the windows.


“Jesus, I would like to build my heart on wisdom and knowledge of God. I want to know your ways.”


Jesus smiled and the walls were immediately painted white and a lacquer finish appeared on the floorboards.


“You have chosen well Lee, we can build this house through righteousness. Choose the Kingdom and it will establish for you a good house. Through righteousness we will build this house and establish it.”


As I pondered Jesus’ words, I found myself back on Earth away from the vision. I read the gospels, looking for the meaning of Jesus’ words, to seek righteousness, to seek the Kingdom of God. I meditated on my heart and how I reflected the Kingdom of God inside me and then I realised to build my house in righteousness, I needed to build my heart in righteousness, which meant choosing the things I wanted to be characterized by.


So I made a list of the things I wanted to be known for in my character: kind, generous, forgiving, patient, integrity, cheerful… the list went on and I realised I intended to build my house according to Phillipians 4:8 and 1 Corinthians 13:4 - 8. I also wanted my house, which reflected my heart, to be a place where many would find refuge and feel safe, a place of hospitality and somewhere that people could come to find the presence of God.


During my next visit to my heavenly home, I noticed the garden had flourished, the swing on the porch was fixed and Jesus was sitting on it.


“Come join me,” Jesus called out and I ran up the steps to sit with him on the swing. “Let the sun kiss your face Lee, feel the Father’s joy and love as we sit here.”


I sat with Jesus enjoying the sun while in the distance I watched people walking through fields, picking flowers, laughing and chasing each other. The joy of heaven had filled the area around the outside of my house and Jesus wanted me to rest and bask in the Father’s presence with him.

The next time I visited my house with Jesus was during a visit into the heavenly realms. My house looked very different to before. The picket fence was intact and my garden was beautiful but my house had transformed. It had a second floor, the windows were open and a yellow light shone out of the house. The door was purple with a silver knocker and the house now looked like a large oblong that towered up. During a group spiritual visitation, several friends of mine came into my house and were given a tour. They met my personal angel who had cooked them some silver cookies, each with a different flavour. When more angels and people from the cloud of witnesses wanted to come into my room, we saw that it expanded and changed shape, making room for all the guests and the inside of the house transformed accordingly.


To save from writing a detailed description of all that happened, it may suffice to say we all enjoyed a lovely time of fellowship among many visits and discussions with angels and people in the heavenly realm.

Our heavenly home is given to us by grace and through actions, deeds, decisions here on Earth

And attitudes of our heart, we can transform our home in heaven. Through the restoration of our heart through healing with Jesus, we repair our home. Through making right decisions and focussing on the aspects of the Kingdom of God, reflecting them in our attitude and motivation, we seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and so transform our home through the rewards that go to help prepare it for us.

Activation: Building Our Heavenly Home

To build our hearts and our homes in heaven, we need to remember the foundation blocks are the precepts and characteristics of righteousness. Building our heavenly home and constructing the house of God in us, which is our heart, is done through aligning our heart and attitude toward the nature and characteristics of God. In other words, seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.


One useful practice is to make a list of characteristics that you would want to be known for if someone were to describe you, and these become the foundation building blocks for your house.


Here are a few suggestions of building blocks, or precious stones, that are used in the spirit to build our home:

Righteous heart

Thirst for Truth

Knowledge of God

Wisdom of Holy Spirit

Pure heart





Seeker of truth

Heart for justice

Heart for redemption

Heart for reconciliation

Heart for healing

Heart for supernatural demonstrations of God’s presence

Father heart of God

Mother heart of God





Cheerful heart

Hopeful heart


You may have some of your own to name as well.

Some may find it good practice to write down things that you want to characterise your heart and you want to pursue with God. As you dedicate these things to God in the building of your house, he will work with you to store up treasure for you and draw your heart into alignment with his righteousness and Kingdom accordingly.


Once you have made your list, here is a prayer of dedication:


Jesus Christ I invite you into the house of my heart. Warm every room with your presence.


Go through each item on the list you have made and pray the following prayer:

Jesus Christ I want to be characterised by …………

I give you permission to build …………. into my heart.

May I always be found in you, and you in me.


I love you Jesus Christ.

Advanced Activation: Exploring Your Heavenly Home

Those who want to explore their house with Jesus may find this activation useful. It may be useful to read through the activation before going through it.


Find yourself a restful place where you can focus on Jesus, and follow the guided prayer and meditation.

Jesus Christ I invite you to take a tour with me through my heavenly house, my heart, where you dwell.

Allow Jesus to show you the entrance to your house and make a note of how it looks. This might be in your imagination or in a vision.

Jesus, I invite you to come up to the front door with me.

As you get closer to the door, make a note of the colour and any ornate features. The colour will have a spiritual meaning as well as any features you note. (If you are unsure how to interpret these then feel free to email in on or check out the facebook group where you can ask questions).

Jesus, I invite you into the main room in my house.

Allow Holy Spirit to show you the main room and take note of how it looks. In your mind, imagine bringing into the house any of the righteous living stones suggested above, or any you want to build your house with. In your hands you may see them as balls of light, precious stones of various colours or another other object. Some may see them as literal words or pieces of paper, even scrolls. Allow Holy Spirit to show you what they look like.

Jesus, I ask you to establish my house and develop it with me.

As you gain confidence and experience walking through your house, you can return with Jesus and explore the various rooms, inviting him in, building, decorating and transforming it into a place where you enjoy the presence of God, knowing this has eternal effects on your actual home in heaven.

If you are unsure how to interpret anything you have seen or experienced with Jesus, please feel free to email in on or check out the facebook group where you can ask questions.