Walk As Jesus Walked

Spirit School

In his letter, John encourages us to walk as Jesus walked (1 John 2:6). Although this is taken as a practical instruction, of correct behaviour and attitude that flows from a connection to our supreme God, Jesus’ life was dynamic. He lived in the dual reality of spirit and earthly existence, into which we have been given new birth from above.


Jesus’ connection to our Father often caused a yearning inside of him that lead him to draw away from the crowds to connect, one-on-one, with our Father in heaven. During these times of intimacy, he would receive heavenly revelation from which he lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Cultivated throughout decades of intimate companionship in spirit, Jesus was recognised his Father’s voice with such efficiency that he always did whatever he saw his Father doing.


The things of our Father, the business of heaven, are hidden from the natural mind and heart. Psalm 42:7-8 and 1 Corinthians 2:10 tell us they can only be perceived through Holy Spirit perception, from the deep parts of God, conveyed into the deep parts of our spirit.


God wants us to grow in our intimacy with him in spirit. As we spend more time in spirit, whether through soaking in worship music, reading and meditating on the word of God, prayer, praying in tongues or meditating in psalms, whatever our method, spirit-to-spirit connection opens the eyes of our heart (Ephesians 1:18).


As we open our hearts to God we attune our spirit into his, the eyes of our hearts are enlightened and our spiritual senses awaken with increased sensitivity. As a result, we may have new experiences of the spirit realms in ways that may surprise us.


As we grow in our spiritual communion with our Father in heaven, just like Jesus, our spiritual senses sharpen. With enlightened hearts we can discern the will of God and the move of his spirit, including his tangible presence within us and around us, with ease. As we purposefully cultivate our time spent in the spiritual presence of God, naturally we will become aware of the presence of the heavenly realms. Acclimated to the culture of heaven, we will see with a filter of pure eyes, seeing God’s light in the world around us. Spending time with our Father purifies our hearts and so we will see God and his Kingdom (Matthew 5:8).


How this will look is different for each one of us. For example, some have a gift that enables them to literally see the spirit realms and what is in them, with such clarity that they appear just as real as the physical world. By increasing intimacy with our Father, their senses will be fine tuned and sharpened, enabling them to quickly discern what it is they are seeing, its meaning and purpose.


While others are sharp in the word of God, able to recount scripture and verse in any situation. Their discernment of truth and whatever aligns with the nature and character of God will sharpen.


As we press on with setting our hearts on developing our intimacy with God, in deep devotion and spirit connection to our Father in heaven, we may have increased spiritual experiences. God may reveal himself through a variety of methods that are completely new to us. Some of these methods may even be out of our comfort zone, such as visions, trances, spiritual experiences (much like visions), our imagination, dreams, through an inner knowledge or prompting of the Holy Spirit. We may even experience hearing an audible voice, as if someone is speaking to us directly in our mind, conversing with us about God’s mysteries and truths.


As the reality of the heavenly realms around us become more prevalent, we may even sense the presence of angels and spirits from God. Some people may even see them in physical form, while others may be able to sense their presence through changes in their personal feelings or body reactions (this is covered in later chapters).

Open Access to Heaven

We have been given access to every realm in the spirit through the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. When In these acts, Jesus Christ established the beginning of the new covenant, defined in grace and truth (John 1:14). At his crucifixion, the curtain that stood in the temple of God, which separated us from his holy presence, was torn in two. A symbolic representation of a spiritual reality was demonstrated to us so that we might understand God is now among us, throughout the entire universe, everywhere.


Whatever held us back in the old covenant from an intimate day to day relationship with God, has been removed! The barrier that prevented us walking with one foot on Earth and one in the heavenly realms, was put aside and we were given free access to the very throne room of God!


The scriptures tell us that the throne of God are the highest of heavens, so as we have free access to the throne of grace, so we have free access to the location where the throne of grace is - the highest of heavens. This also means we have free access to all the realms in between Earth and the throne room.


Jesus enabled free and safe access to the spirit realms through his descent to the lower regions of Earth (the place of the dead), followed by his ascension into the highest of all realms. Jesus has redeemed all realms through his blood, so that we can walk in them, in spirit, with peace before God and safety in the spirit of Christ, because we have been purified by Jesus’ blood.


For us who believe in the name of Jesus, God has moved us into the spiritual reality of life. We have been seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. He has moved our spirits by his power, from dwelling alone on Earth and its surrounding spirit realms, to dwelling in both Earth and the spirit realms (Ephesians 2:6).


We also house the Holiest of all Spirits: the spirit of God, who now lives within our bodies. Through our intimacy with our Father in heaven, we live as spiritual people, with lives fuelled by his presence poured into our hearts direct from his throne room. We are an open, constant conduit of connection from the throne of God onto the Earth.

Walking in the Heavenly Realms

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is not of this world, so we are not of this world but co-dwelling on Earth and in heavenly places. Our spirit is entwined into the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Jesus Christ and we are one with the Lord

(1 Corinthians 6:17).


As we attune our hearts to the spirit of God, our perspective shifts from our Earthly perspective to a heavenly one. We see the world and life from the spirit realm, with all its realities apparent to us. We see with the love of God and we can not help but see his light in things around us. Our eyes become used to his presence, his light, his person and so we may find out perspective here on Earth shifts. As we do, we may start seeing the same situations through God’s perspective, no longer focussing on sin, blame and things that pull our eyes away from Christ and God’s perfect love. Instead, our eyes see opportunities for mercy, love and kindness. We align our eyes to the measure of heaven, which is grace and truth (Colossians 3:1-2).


The power of God alive in us, awakens our spirit and enlightens the eyes of our heart to the reality of the spirit realm.