Activation: Sonship & Spiritual Blessings

Spirit School

This activation is designed to increase our awareness of the spirit realm around us, and increase our perception to the spiritual blessings that are being continually directed toward us. During this activation we will ask the Holy Spirit to show us what spiritual blessing he is imparting to us, and ask him to awaken our spirit senses to the presence of that blessing. Some may sense various things present, in the form of visual imagery, visions, words from the scriptures or even angelic presence.


If you do experience the presence of an angel and have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be covering angels in depth throughout the remainder of the spirit school mentoring program and my blog contains various posts concerning angels.


For those not accustomed to tuning out from the distractions of our world and tuning into God, this activation will require a quiet, peaceful place.


Some may find it useful to read through the activation familiarise themselves with the steps before trying it.


It may be a good idea to have a notepad to jot down anything that you sense during this activation and pray over it later.


Before you begin, find yourself a quiet spot, far from distractions.

As you close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on Jesus within your heart.


When ready, pray the following lines, pausing between each line to listen to Holy Spirit.


Holy Spirit, thank you for every spiritual blessing that you have given to me.


Holy Spirit, I open my heart to you, enlighten my heart to see.


Holy Spirit, I need a spiritual blessing from you, show me a spiritual blessing that you are imparting to me and show me how it looks in the spirit realm.


Holy Spirit, thank you for your spiritual blessing.

How has your perception changed, knowing all of heaven is working for your spiritual good? If you have any testimonies, I would love to hear from you (


As we progress past this point in the Spirit School, we will be exploring how to operate from the point of view that heaven is for us, the attention of heaven is toward us and we have been elevated to a high privileged position in Christ.