Jesus' Presence In Us: Activation

Spirit School

This activation is designed to awaken our hearts to the presence of God within us. The spirit realm is constantly present, it is intertwined with the physical realm. Yet our day to day experience may distract our hearts from discerning the gentle presence of God. For those not accustomed to tuning out from the distractions of our world and tuning into God, this activation will require a quiet, peaceful place.


Some may find it useful to read through the activation familiarise themselves with the steps before trying it.


Before you begin, find yourself a quiet spot, far from distractions.

As you close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on Jesus within your heart.


Breathe out.


Take another deep breath and as you breathe in focus on the presence of Jesus in your heart.


You may wish to repeat this exercise several times.

Make any note of any changes you felt around, or in you, you as you focussed on Jesus.


Some may notice feeling more relaxed, others may have a heightened sense of a peaceful presence in the room. Others may feel happy inside or a sense of tranquility. Whatever you have sensed is a sign that you are connecting to the spirit realm and your spirit is responding to the spirit presence of God.

As we keep practicing this technique, our discernment of the presence of Jesus and ability to find calm in our hearts throughout the day will increase.