Spirit School

God wants us to perceive the spirit realm and co-labour with him in advancing his Kingdom

along with him. Being not far off, but choosing to live in our hearts, our Father in Heaven has

chosen us to be his messengers, his coworkers, carrying his spiritual authority and power. 

Be empowered and enabled to operate in spirit or understand those who see the spirit realm.

God wants us to understand the spirit realm, where angels, spirits and God dwell. They are as real

as everything we see with our natural eyes. An enlightened heart in Christ can perceive

the realm of spirit, just as God sees it.

The Spirit School helps people to discover how they operate in spirit,  exploring how to understand

the voice of God in it's various forms, exploring our spirit senses and honing them,

understanding the realm of the angelic and how to effectively govern in our

spiritual authority, hidden in Christ.

The Spirit School contains various lessons, sessions and activations as a guide through various

disciplines of working in spirit. From spiritual intimacy with God, through to deeper

realms of faith, spiritual experience and exploring the reality of the heavenly realms.

 The Spirit School offers a deeper exploration of faith, the seer and prophetic gifts,

spiritual experiences, along with biblical explanations.


Spiritual topics are explored throughout the blog, including personal testimonies of interactions

and experiences of the spirit realm.

I hope you enjoy these materials and are hugely blessed through them, I would love

to hear from you with testimonies and stories of how you have been impacted through

the spirit school or blog, please do not hesitate to write to me using the contact form below!


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